Vintage Jukebox

Jazzy.  Seductive.  Smooth.  We’re talking the great sound of Vintage Jukebox!  When your event needs a classy jazz singer backed by a hip combo, you need Vintage Jukebox.  They know how create that long-after-midnight mood no matter the time of day!

Vintage Orchestra

In the mood for timeless music?  Then the Vintage Orchestra is perfect for your event.  Ellington, Gershwin and Goodman never go out of style.  This big band knows how to perform the classic Big Band tunes with the flair and professionalism guaranteed to delight your guests!

Plectrum Duo & Ensemble

The Plectrum Duo plays jazz guitar music from the 1930s. Originally started by Morris Acevedo and Cody Anderson in the summer of 2008, the duo has expanded to include bass and percussion. Influenced by guitar greats Django Reinhardt and Eddie Lang, the Plectrum Duo brings the energy and inventiveness of early jazz music to live performance. We like to play this music and find that people enjoy listening. We’re easy to get along with, show up on time, and play like we mean it. .

Online Demos

Ed’s Blue Grass Band

Ed’s bands play traditional bluegrass. His musicians represent current and historic membership of some of the most well-known bluegrass bands in northern California and beyond.

The core group consists of Ed on Mandolin/fiddle – tenor and lead vocals, Mike on guitar and lead vocals, Jeff on Bass and tenor and lead vocals, Paul on fiddle and jokes, and Larry and George rotate on the banjo – Larry also sings tenor and lead. BUT you never know who might show up from where. This is an internationally known venue and a stop on many Bluegrass travelers itinerary, frequently guest performers show up and sit in for a tune or two. It’s always a great evening of exciting music, new friends and BIG fun.


Borelli Italian Ensemble

Composed of the San Francisco Bay Area’s finest musicians, some with a wealth of experience while others are up and coming new artists. Ron’s Italian ensemble specializes an authenitc expereince.


Benny Watson

A guy with a name like Benny Watson has to be a cool jazz musician. When you hear what this cat can do with a song, you’ll know he lives up to his billing. Give Benny a piano and mic and he’ll entertain you all night long with a classic repertoire of jazz standards.

Hit Waves Unplugged

This is music that takes you somewhere exotic and romantic. You’ll never want to come back!  Hit Waves Unplugged will dazzle you with sophisticated sounds that range from Gypsy Jazz to classic swing.  How about some sexy French lyrics?  No problem.  Sit back with a glass of ruby red wine and get ready for an experience!

Pine Needles

Enchanting and exciting, this acoustic band (stand up bass, vocals, guitar, fiddle, light world drums) draws upon pop, jazz, world, classic country, rock, folk, bluegrass, and jam band sounds when composing and interpreting a diverse array of classics.